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Introducing Our Cute Little Mazcot

Linea is the little red ball which some of you might remember from those sing-along cartoons from ... oh so long ago.  Retirement did not suit her very well.   So she has decided to contract out with us from time to time.  She doesn't actually work, and considers that a four letter word.  She does love puzzles, songs, dodge ball, traffic lights, songs, and of course mazes.  When she is not bouncing to the beat she can often be seen traveling the world.  Follow her in our gallery or on Facebook.

Introducing Our Artist

 Paulus Faber has been many things.  From blacksmith to physicist, from handyman to philosopher, from dishwasher to teacher, from cook to mathematician, from farmer to artist.  The one thing he has NOT been is a good speallleir.  Starting out at the tender age of 8 at drawing mazes instead of studying spelling.  He honed his skills during his tumultuous tenure at grade school.  For the next two decades he was left wondering why someone did not draw mazes as intricate as his.  You can find on our links, drawings he gives high praise too, and most are extremely clever mazes.  Yet none has been found to be as difficult, while remaining aesthetically simple.  He was left with the overwhelming conclusion that they can spell.  So he has spent the last two years refining his skills to bring you what is felt by many to be art which is also a puzzle.