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Elephant Poster HUGE poster of African bull elephant. Solution goes from eye to eye. Measures 24 in X 36 in. Black & White only. $10 + $2 S&H in the US.
Money maze Money Maze. Stuff this box with money, candy, knick knacks, little japanesse erasers, you name it. Then once closed it has to be solved to open back up. Perfect for Graduations, Birthdays, Bar/Bat Mitzvah's, Holidays, etc. Reusable. $15 + $3 S&H in the US.
maze gift card Don't just give a boring gift card. Add some flair. After the card is in the maze has to be solved to open again. Unless opened with a hammer can be used over and over again. $6 + $2 S&H in the US
Aztec Calendar Poster Mayan & Aztec Sun Calendar. Extremely detailed maze, the largest one I have drawn to date. Measures 24 in X 36 in. Black &White $10 + $2 S&H in the US. Color now available for $120 + $2 S&H in the US.
Zombie poster Chopped off Zombie arm giving business end of a finger. With decayed rotting flesh and dripping blood, this poster is NOT to be sold to adults or politicians! 18 in X 36 in. $120 + $2 S&H in the US.


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